Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

With all that is going on in our country and the world, it is easier than ever to focus on everything that is sad, scary, unjust, and wrong. But even as we work to make change for the better, we can see and appreciate the beauty and sweetness that exists in so many of our day to day moments.

Just as practicing Yoga Asana regularly helps us to develop strength and ease so that the shapes eventually feel more natural in our bodies, we can practice cultivating Gratitude until contentment becomes a more natural resting place for our minds and hearts. I love the ritual ( that I found – truth be told! in a journal I once picked up at the airport 😉 of starting each day listing 3 small things I am grateful for and ending it with “3 Amazing things that happened today”

These things that spark gratitude do not have to be Huge – in fact , focusing on the small pleasures is part of the fun (“a perfect cup of coffee”, Chocolate Chip cookies, and “The Daily Show” make frequent appearances in my journal)

So appreciate the beautiful changing leaves, savor that morning coffee, celebrate getting a subway seat on your evening commute. . .