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Yoga and Action

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try”

This half or full-day workshop is designed to jump-start you into embodied ACTION with Purpose, Flexibility, and Joy. If you need a bit of support and structure in order to “Start before your ready” this workshop is the perfect way to ignite!

Using tools to gain a better understanding of your natural orientation and relationship to action, you will work individually and in groups to reflect on how your historical strategies for moving into action have been working for and against you. Together we will practice a variety of Yoga and Mindfulness based techniques to help you discover your TRUE desires- getting to the root of what you want to FEEL as the seed for what you want to DO. With the collective support of the group, and the structure of practical and accessible organizational frameworks, you will work to clarify your aspirations, and develop a structure that helps you move towards them with purpose flexibility, and Joy!

Deliverables :
1) Better understand and support your own “Action Orientation.”
2) Better understand and enhance your Driving Intelligences.
3) Determine what you REALLY want and need in the next 6, 12, 18 months, and beyond.

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This half-or full day workshop is designed to help individuals and teams better understand the underlying structures and systems that drive conflict, how conflict and stress lands in the body, and how to manage stress and move through high-conflict situations with greater grace and ease. Yoga and mindfulness practices are used to help participants connect to their internal experience, recognize their physical reactivity, and employ tools that can be used to create space and equanimity during high stress or conflict situations. The workshop will include exercises and discussion on systemic conflict drivers and group dynamics, both overall and specifically related to their group / organization, and how they can be recognized and mitigated. Participants will leave with practical tools that can be used to increase overall stress resilience, as well as a better understanding of how to frame conflict , and specific ways to address it both internally and externally.

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Yoga Service – Activate your Purpose

The practice of Yoga and embodied awareness opens us up to a greater sense of connection not only to our own bodies, minds, and hearts – but to each other. The more we practice, the more we become aware of the reality that we are all connected, and that to become more happy, healthy, loving and easeful – we must engage in the wellness of the collective community.

Regardless of how you choose to serve your community and the world around you, Active Engagement can be empowering and deeply healing. However, without skillful attention it can also become over-activating to our nervous systems, leading to fatigue and burnout.

In this workshop, we will determine what really ignites us in Service and how we can best serve given our unique strengths and skills. Drawing from research on the brain and nervous system, we will also learn embodied techniques that can help keep us grounded and calm so that our service is supported . Together we will practice various tools that can be used both in difficult moments, and over time to remain more resilient.

This workshop will provide the information and tools to help you focus on your purpose, and to cultivate the embodied skills needed to stay engaged and connected, without becoming over-activated in these critical times.

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